Pharmacy Smartphone App

Pocket Pharmacy is a specialised pharmacy app for smartphones.  It provides your pharmacy with an easy way to tell customers about all updates and catalogues and specials.  Information and updates and alerts are communicated directly to the customer's smartphone through the Web App.
Visit the PocketPharmacy website for more information.

How does it work?

Your pharmacy needs to first sign up with Pocket Pharmacy.  Then the Web App will be configured for your pharmacy using your logo and colours.

You will be able to use the simple Content Manager to add your own Latest Specials and Catalogues etc. You can also create your own specific categories for any topic.

Customers are given your unique pharmacy address to allow them to add the Web App to their phone. Then the customer can view Pocket Pharmacy at any time to see the latest offers and information.

Pocket Pharmacy offers:

- Latest Specials
- Latest News
- Current Catalogue
- Information pages
- Health Information
- Embedded PDF documents 
- Unlimited content Categories (to deliver important information)
- RSS Feeds from your website or any other source


No Set up fee. Annual Subscription: $600 + GST per year